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  In our 1949 catalog, Mr. George Lindley

Taber Jr. included this passage, “ We have

seen wars, booms, and depressions, storms,

floods, droughts, recessions, moratoriums,

and other less serious situations come and

go over a period of 67 years. This catalog

will, we trust, speak eloquently for us.”


Sixty years after that passage went to print

and was sent out to our customers, we here

at Glen Saint Mary Nurseries Company

certainly hope that our web site speaks as

eloquently of our generation and plant

material as Mr. Taber’s catalog did.


Whether you are an old friend and business associate or a friend that we have yet to meet, we believe that we have laid out our web site in such a way as to accommodate you the landscaper, garden center, garden club,

re-wholesale distributor, and history buff.


                                                                                                               Sincerely heartfelt,

                                                                                                              The management and staff of

                                                                                                              Glen Saint Mary Nurseries Company

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